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 by Kathy 2020
Bed liner and Side steps

This was the second truck I had a spray liner put in and the first one getting power sides steps. They did an awesome job with all. Bob even paid for an Uber ride in order for me to get to work and his son stayed late so I could pick my truck up. These guys are great with both customer service and the work they do. Would highly recommend them!!!

 by Paul Mason
Spraying wheel wells

Just came back from having the rear wheel wells sprayed. I was exceptionally concerned being a new Ford Raptor, not getting any over spray on the shocks, which they assured me that would not happen. All I can says is, You Guys are the best. I got there at 7am and was out of there by 8am and the job looks fantastic to say the least. The only thing I forgot was to get one of your decals to put on my truck. I even got on the Raptor forum to let everyone know this is the way to go. Thanks again from a Very Satisfied Customer.

 by Eric Egert

I Have a Snow Hawk snowmobile machine and the rear plastic portion was orange. With the required flexibility and the occasional crash and burn, painting was not an option for this piece. Also, the gas tank is underneath this piece, and with the occasional spill while filling up, I wanted something extremely durable and chemical resistant. I took it to a Line-X Dealer to see if they would be able to coat the plastic. It was determined that sandblasting the plastic would be required and then the coating would stick. I chose the X-TRA Black for my coating and am very happy with the results. I have been in contact with a Line-X representative and will email a picture when the machine is fully assembled. I can't wait to see all the looks I get from people with this sharp looking piece on my machine! Thank you Line-X!

 by Jeffrey McGriff

I have had one Line-X bedliner before, but it didn't have the Xtra in it. Man was it tough though. I had a four wheeler slip off of the ramps while I was unloading it and it did a number on the top of the tailgate that wasn't coated with the Line-X. It didn't even tear the Line-X though! I wish I had pictures of it. I was extrememly impressed and will soon be getting the Line-X Xtra sprayed in my new truck. It is a 2009 Silverado Z71 Ext Cab and I am going to get the bed sprayed over the rails, the rear inner fender wells sprayed, and I want to get a colormatched strip sprayed along the bottom of the truck to keep it from getting rock chips in it. I can't wait to get it done! Thanks again Line-X! You make an awesome product!

 by Mike and Amy Siddall

Thanks to Jason and his crew at LINE-X in Battle Creek, Michigan! My husband and I had our Dodge Ram bed liner sprayed in and it looks great! Thanks for the wonderful service - they even picked up and delivered the truck back to us - 20 miles away! Thanks again!

 by Kyle Miller

This is my first truck that I've had a bedliner in and with all the beach trips, trips to the ranch hauling 1500lbs of water on a pallet in the back of the truck this Linex has GOT to the the best stuff on the market. I've even built speaker boxes and had them linex'd and wouldn't have it any other way. I appreciate your service and look forward to many more years of service with your company!

 by Larry M in San Antonio

Being in construction I am naturally hard on truck beds. I have to say that Line-X is the toughest product on the market these days. I have hauled scrap metal, dirt, concrete chunks not to mention enduring paint spills etc. The guys at Line-X of San Antonio provide me a great product that was expertly installed. Line-X is truly "tough sh**t"

 by Phil

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent customer service and line-X coating that your company provided. I appreciate the fact that you and your staff were available for consultation during this project.

I am a police officer in Central Florida. I am on a Emergency Response Team and work on a specialized patrol squad. I recently entered into operational duties that require the use of breaching tools. I worked with metal fabricators and designed a multipurpose breaching ram. This ram was designed for dynamic heavy impacts against wood and steel objects. I was able to complete the fabrication to the point that I had a bare steel working prototype.

The last phase of the project was to research the most indestructible coating available. I researched a coating for the ram to include epoxy paints, industrial coatings and power coating to name a few. My research led me to your Line-X protective coatings. Even some of your local competitors told me that Line-X was the only coating that would stand up to the punishment of a dynamic entry tool. When I came to your business I was given outstanding customer service. Your product and process were clearly explained to me. When I told you that I was financing the project myself I was very grateful to accept for your offer of the coating being applied free of charge.

The final Line-X coating on the ram came out even better than I imagined. The coating was thick and exceptionally durable. It added a level of texture and protection that could not be replicated with any other coating. The ram has banged around for several weeks and the coating still looks brand new. My compliments to you for making the most indestructible coating that I have ever experienced. Thank you and keep spraying that Line-X.

 by Stephanie

I shopped around for a bedliner for my husband's truck as a birthday gift. As I am not familiar with the product, my dad and I checked with LINE- X and its competitors for the best product. My dad did his own experiment. He took a sample from LINE-X and one from its competitors and rubbed them together until the competitor's sample fell apart. LINE-X's sample did not peel a bit.

The icing on the cake was the customer service we received. Both Zach and Dulce were knowledgeable and friendly, yet they didn't pressure me. My husband was pleasantly surprised. LINE-X did a great job. For any future truck purchases, we will definitely look to LINE-X

 by Thanks, Mr. Duffy, Yorktown VA

I just wanted to let you know that I recently had a new color Line-X liner installed in my 2010 F-250. This was done at your Yorktown, VA Franchisee. The customer service was superior and the finished product was better than I hoped for. Anthony was the individual I dealt with. When I scheduled my appointment, showed up for the appointment, and picked up the finished truck the service was quick, polite, on-time and well done. As a vehicle maintenance training manager I certainly will have many opportunities to show off the truck/liner and will highly recommend your product.

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