Superior Linings and Truck Accessories has fitted trucks of all shapes and sizes with custom-made Superior Lining spray-on liners. These high-quality liners are made to last, with a protective coating that will keep your truck protected from the elements and the wear and tear of whatever industrial, agricultural or commercial use your truck will see for years to come.

Superior Lining protection is sprayed on with a patented mix of chemicals that are durable and pollutant-free, and dry in as fast as 5 seconds. This quick curing time allows the liners to be sprayed and hardened – even vertically or overhead – without causing running or dripping. In addition, Superior Lining liners are nationally backed with a limited lifetime guarantee, adding ease of mind to your investment.

There are Superior Lining truck liner solutions for any need, whether you are protecting from routine wear and tear or need advanced protection for transporting chemicals or industrial supplies, or even mining use.

This gallery shows just some of the vehicles that Superior Linings and Truck Accessories has added  custom protection to over the years. For more information or a consultation on which Superior Lining protection would be best for you and your truck, call Superior Linings and Truck Accessories at 410-789-0199 or visit them at 81 Dover Rd Suite A.